They say HOME is where the HEART is. I believe this to hold a vast amount of truth. Although my desire is that my heart be on my heavenly home and Savior, a portion of it certainly resides in my home state, VERMONT.

Don’t you agree that we find so much pride and joy in calling something home? When it comes to our city or our state, we feel ownership, right? We proudly wear apparel boasting our zip code, our area code or our latitudinal and longitudinal lines. When someone challenges the greatness of our home, we defend it whether right or wrong. 

Having moved around a fair amount after college, I haven’t stayed long enough in an area to call it home again. Now, with the rapid approach of our baby (Coming in May!) the meaning of home is speaking to me in a new way. My Vermont roots will be mine only, and my baby will be a little Buckeye, born and raised in OHIO. A little product of the 614. I am excited to see how Columbus will shape the life and style of my peanut, as Vermont shaped mine. 

  In honor of my state, and all of yours, I wanted to share these charming necklaces from M.Florita, a Nashville, TN based jewelry designer who specializes in making your city and state, well, SPECIAL. 

I discovered Marrah and her hand-stamped charms while at the Pool Fashion Trade Show in Las Vegas, several weeks ago and when I saw the tiny VT in that adorable little bottle, I couldn’t resist. Of course I wear it proudly in my new home state of OHIO, but I want to tell the world that my roots, my heart, are in VERMONT. 

 Check out Marrah Florita’s designs at M.Florita Jewelry – and follow her on social media: @mfloritajewelry. Be sure to check out her cityscapes, nameplates and other designs as well! 

XOXO – Chelsea 

Proudly repping Vermont, the good old 802!


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